Am i racist?

The past two days have seen me having to call Virgin Media about my broadband connection. I dont mind Leticia SD’s sadistically happy tones giving me my options and telling me what buttons to press. I dont even care that my call is diverted to a call centre outside the UK, afterall i aint paying…however what i do mind is being given instructions on how to configure my Mac by someone who i hand on heart cannot fully understand. I really tried, i asked her to speak slowly and still i couldn’t completely understand. When i admitted i hadn’t been following her instructions as i couldn’t make out what she was saying i recieved the ‘you are a racist’ tone….(which i am a veteran of, used it often enough!!)

‘excusing me please madam i am speaking this in your language, can’t you not be understanding…disconnect the _______ from each ______ then click _______….?!?! 

I responded to her tone with a polite frustrated request to be passed over to someone who i can understand more clearly, at which point she hung up on me!! WTF, beeyatch, are you sh***ing me, i want my broadband, i don’t care if i have to be connected to the moon as long as they speak clear enough for me to understand what the hell i was suppose to disconnect!!

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