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Its nearly the weekend…


Im looking forward to a major skank out in Moscow this weekend playing at WODNB, thought this would get me in the mood… :)

Gay with a sense of humour

Alot of chat about Derren Browns amazing mind control techniques going on in the studio today…so much so i purchased a book about NLP….anyways talk soon turned to his sexuality, lol.

I said ‘i bet he gets nuff p***y’

Prash said ‘nah he’s gay’

Kabir said ‘he’s gay!! nah i dont believe it’

Google said…. ‘One of the UK’s best-known mentalists has spoken to The Sun newspaper about his sexual orientation. Under the headline “I’m A Mind Bender” Derren Brown revealed he has a boyfriend. He first confirmed he was gay in an article for the Independent on Sunday in 2007.’

Im a mind bender….LMAO!!

The Bollywood Harry Potter!

 Hari Puttar a comedy of terrors…

Who ever thought of this is a f**king genius..the fact that Warner couldn’t even bring a court case against it is classic! Hari Puttar is the story of a young boy from India who moves to England and becomes involved in a plan to save the world….sound familiar? A high court didn’t seem to think so meaning this genius piece of Bollywood cinematic ripping is getting released in India at the end of the month…i’ll be ovguide-ing this v soon ;)

Up, down and side to side.

What a week. Its been my final one in London and the first back in Manchester, however i’ll be spending it in Reading! Huh? I kind of like being all over the place but its just so tiring doing all the travelling. In London last night and this morning dropping off the hire van, stayed in my old flat which looks amazing without all my shit in it, lmao! I have way to much stuff…back in Manchester my 2 bedroom house is overflowing with sh*t mostly clothes and electrical goods but its still shit! Oh to have space, lovely hidden storage and space…..I need to sell everything, jumble/car boot sale…but im never around on a Sunday. Anyways not thinking about my hermits lair back in Manchester its over to Reading for a week’s session with Prash aka Catch 22, yay. Goodbye old smoke, hello the land of Uggo’s and then the land of blue jeans…im in Moscow at the weekend Wooo HOoo.

Yabamena Baby – Teriyaki Boyz, Pharrel & Busta Rhymes x

Smoking Hot!

Doing my daily round up of my favourite blogs…NOTW went so quickly today…so far the best thing i’ve found comes courtesy of Sar Sars brain (thank you), which is amazing because its protected by the best head of hair xx  New video from the camp of Nigo, Bathing Ape Creater, owner and general DON of everything cool. This tune has the potential to replace Flobots as this weeks SMASHER i.e the one i keep singing ;) cause i get to speak Japanese…or at least try!!


I’ve been mad depressed. Life is good but the stuff its thrown at me the past 3 months has been alot to deal with. Some might say i haven’t (dealt with it) but im still here and will eternally climb back on top of things. The knock on effect however has been a shell like exsistence, hard and shiny exterior with nothing much  but a distance sound inside. Its hard to talk to people about it but doing so can make it seem a little less frightening, still my lips remain sealed at the best of times….go figure ;)

Better than Jay Z’s version!?

Im a staunch hater of Jay Z’s remix of Lil Wayne’s A Milli…so even though this is a completely different song, i will make a big and bold a statement as this one…..the first verse and chorus on this comedy effort are better than Jay’z's attempt to out rap the already perfect track…..don’t even get me started! Thanks to Miss Soulreal for this one x

Denardo – Faction of the Fox

Another discovery from GTV, however couldn’t link from there as it keeps coming up with the wrong video, blah! Anyways…clear your mind and think Beastie Boys, Rage Against the Machine, a high school marching band and an Atari 520 ST, then mix it in with a budget Slipknot and you have the best sound on my speakers this weekend, DENARDO. Actually i haven’t heard any other tracks from the band apart from this one, but i f**king love it and can’t stop playing it.  My favourite lyrics, the rhyming of Pistachio and Mercutio, absolute genius, have been randomly shouting that out to every ones bewilderment…they just aren’t down! Whose the band then well, their Faction of the Fox, probably smell, have poor hygiene habits due to being cut from the elk of Jackass, drink alot and therefore have bad skin and pot bellies., not to mention rotten crooked teeth, not as bad as a pirates but you get the drift…..however i don’t know for sure…im just going off this piece of video evidence and a herbal verbal rant….still if they were and i seen them sing this on stage and had had a couple of bevvies i so would…lol.

Love it? Hate it? Think i have no taste…tell me!

Going im going gone!

Last show yesterday on 1xtra it was a hard one! Feels weird after fours years knowing i wont have anything to do with that place for a while….thanks to anyone who texed in….got some really lovely messages…will be posting more in depth later…but have to go to the bloody passport office….LONG!

I’ve Got The Builders In…

So forgive any weird stuff that you may see going on.

And yes I know my banner’s missing! :(

Yay we made it!

God Particle

No black holes then…the God particle is all good ;)

Just in case we all dont wake up…


….I want you to know that i love you x

The Manc invasion!!

OMG we’re everywhere! gitfd cutie Sammy B doing her usual daily blog round up whilst changing the world of graphic design in NYC, found another slice of our home town lurking behind little miss Lily Allen….D-cutz & 2D living well it seems ;)

And the 2008 Mercury goes to….

Elbow album

It’s a dark and emotional epic with a heavier post-rock feel

Elbow, or Manchester your putting us back on the map for quality music!! Always seen these guys in various studios around town. They were writing the Mercury Award winning album The Seldom Seen Kid when i was rehearsing with my band in blueprint 2006. Im not a fan of their first album, so i was surprised on entering rehearsals one day to be stopped dead in my tracks by a haunting epic’ness floating from the live room, a delicate wave swelling up to a glorious rumble within my soul. Not heard the album yet but i know their so deserved, as artists they are hard working, honest and had a true vision and as people they are down to earth, passionate and so northern. Really happy for them right now, will be checking out the sounds in full very soon…juggling between the desire to hear it now or go and buy it legally tomorrow?

Play on – Hypnotic Brass Ensemble…

‘If music be the food of love, play on.’ W. Shakespeare

Once and a while you hear something that you cant stop rewinding, cause you cant believe how dope it makes you feel, i just want this to go on and on and on….while i smoke berry and lie horizontal, wrapped up with someone fun. Shouts to GTV for this one….

One Night Stand…

 Precious Moments

In the studio today with Shy…haven’t written a full dnb song for a while infact we discovered WE hadn’t written together for just under 2 years!! 2 Years i can’t get over how quickly that time has passed. Was good to get back into it and im quite happy with the results as was Mr FX!! Bumped into Chase & Status filming their new video with Plan B also met B-Traits for the first time….it was a South Bank DnB allstar experience! New track will be on Shy’s album due for completion end of the year……they’ll be a sneaky peak on here before that though so keep it locked!