Where did you get that nappy lace?

I love Erykah Badu she is ridiculously sexy, spiritual, highly talented and my fav, a surreal stoner. Did i hear right that her first time was with Andre 3000? Dam thats gotta to be a hard lay to follow… Any hoo, im sick and tired of this gorgeous individual being ridiculed by blinkered AA (African American) blogs, comments about her clothes, hair, makeup, baby fathers…. She can wear what she likes people, musically shes a genius, so step back with your apple bottom jeans and leave the room if you have boots with the fur…

My favourite look of hers for a long time was front and centre this morning at C&D, i want a massive nappy looking afro…where did she get this? In a google search would nappy lace even register, lol please type in, too much jokes to document when all i wanna do i show you some pictures!

Nappy Weave 2

I want that nappy weave!


2 Responses to “Where did you get that nappy lace?”

  1. Sam says:

    I love badu’s hair, look and style. she’s amazing.

  2. mentalien says:

    she was wearing the same dress 1,5 weeks ago in austria, it was amazing, loved it!
    check some pics and videos here if you are interested jenna:

    by the way the top of the dress is quite similar to a dress what kylie wears in her clip called ‘can’t get you out of my head’

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