Saying goodbye.

Today i said goodbye to 2 people very close to me. One i’d known for a while and together we ruled the world. The other i had only just got to know but i feel they would have given me the same amazing experience. The two of them never met but were so alike in teaching me so much about myself, i just wish i could have kept them in my life longer so that in turn they could have discovered the same amazing things about them selves.

Its hard to say goodbye, especially when you feel its not right but sometimes its the only way to move on. Only had to do this once before in my life and it hasn’t got any easier. As a woman the sacrifices i make will continue til i die, their justification is my independence…

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  1. Funki Fi says:

    Hiya hun…hope you are good…I think there was definitely something in the stars on Wednesday as I also had to say goodbye to someone I love dearly, and by him being in my life for the past 19 months, it was a horrendous wrench.

    We were not growing together, and we were effectually destroying all the good we had and something had to give…unfortunately, it came to a violent and ugly end on Wednesday night and I had to make a decision to stop the madness. I have learned so much from the man and the experience, I also hope he has too, but somehow I feel he hasn’t!

    People come into our lives for a reason, season or a lifetime…our lifetime together has ended, the sun has gone down on the season and I just hope with all my heart that he gets the reason…God Bless ya hunni xXx

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for this reply. It is everything i knew yet still needed to hear.
    Our experiences sound so similar it gives me strength knowing im not the only one who has to close a precious chapter of my life.
    Big luv to you Fi know you’ll stay eternally funky

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