Older Guys…

I keep getting told by friends that i need to stop messing around with young guys and get myself an older man. However the problem is i dont fancy any of them…and when i do their always caught up in some mid life crisis or married with children. On the flip side they never approach me, im guessin its cause i act/look too young?

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  1. Rina says:

    younger? older? what does it matter? As long as you click with the person, age isn’t any indication of a person’s level of maturity, etc etc…..what could an older man give you that a younger one couldn’t? Wisdom?! Guidance?! A thing or two in the sack?! Does older mean you are any wiser? or better? don’t think so, it all depends on the person, younger OR older.

    Find someone that ROCKS your world, Jenna!


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