New Space Invasion coming soon?

Space Invader in Manchester

This guy has been around for 8 years invading cities world wide with his art, based on first generation arcade games. You’ve definately seen one of these if you’ve ever walked round Soho in London, thats where i first found out about him, thanks to romantic strolls with my arty ex! Once I’d noticed one i couldn’t stop and was soon spotting Space Invasions in so many of the major cities i was travelling to around Europe and the world, even my home town has been invaded!

Though Im not that up on my art i feel very connected to his work, in a foreign city seeing his familiar blocks of colour on stone walls, tucked above doors, under signs, greeting me from bridges above motorways is like finding an old friend. If you see me glazed over and smiling holding a camera phone up at a building on a street near you, im probably taking in a Space Invader. Still to this day new ones pop up when ever Im bopping round Manny, he did 42 pieces there alone in total, I’ve clocked 15 or there abouts.

Space Invader goes East!Checking in on his website today I realised it might be time for a new invasion, it seems they come 4 or so months apart. His last post of some amazing pieces in Nepal and India were in April this year, my Spidey Senses are twitching….does this mean end of the month could bring not only a bank holiday but a brand new Space Invasion?!? Ooo i wonder where he’s been for the summer….

Until the new stuff does surface, if there actually is some, which i don’t doubt there is, try Flickrs amazing search engine to see more pictures of the Invasion!

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  1. we$$ says:

    great post!, check out the invader …

    also did you see the one he did with rubics cubes.. amazing!!

    and one more….

    check crateman form downunder another master of the modern cubismâ„¢!

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