Im not hating but…

Leona Lewis’s performance on the Olympic closing ceremony was pretty shabby in my humble opinion. Im not denying shes stunning and has the most amazing voice of an angel. Im not saying that she shouldn’t have been singing with the ever amazing Jimmy Paige to represent how Great Britain is…im just thinking out loud that it wouldnt have made any difference if she hadn’t of been there at all. The PA mix on BBC was shockingly quiet and her stage presence equalled ZERO which made the barely audible million dollar performance quite boring to watch. Even emerging from the Transformer London bus atop the 40ft podium couldn’t save her, lucky she had a 50 foot long shiny gown or she would have been barely noticeable! Was it just me that wanted her to head bang when Jimmy did his solo, drop to her knees and worship the guitar before her? Throw that gorgeous mane around with wild child abandonment, maybe a little leg kick and fake air bass? Curl back that pristine pout and squeal with the desire a  ‘Whole lotta love’ deserves?!? Needless to say they’ll be a fantastic mix of this somewhere for you to download soon, but i seen it live baby and it wasn’t as good as it could have been.

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  1. Thank God that someone else noticed this. I watched the closing ceremony live on a big screen in a local park in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I don’t feel particularly British/patriotic but when Leona started to sing I was seriously underwhelmed. I agree with you about the guitar solo – I thought Jimmy Paige was awesome. And yet Leona seemed TOTALLY cool and jaded. Nice point – very well made.

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