Do you watch Channel M?

Where you even aware of Manchester’s very own tv station, broadcast internationally thanks to the powers of digital TV? I occasionally stumble on it, down in the big smoke…not so much since i lost the freeview box remote but hey! At home this week and im watching it religiously and wondering if im alone?

Channel M freeze

2 Responses to “Do you watch Channel M?”

  1. Nick says:

    You mean the manchester station that you can’t get in manc without sky or cable? (ok so you pick a snowy looking scene of manc!)

  2. Uma says:


    Lomg long ime no speak …glad you are doing well…always thought you were a star.

    I am in boxing world (!), hve 2 companies, boxers and gym im Mcr…keep in touch if you want to or can!!!


    Uma xxxx

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