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Free Oranges = Good Advertising + Good Feelings!

Orange you glad you took the bus

On the way home from the radio this afternoon i walked past a bus stop advert that contained oranges…every minute one of these fresh pieces of fruit was dispatched for whoever was standing by! Genius, not only because it makes you stand for exactly the amount of time needed to read the information about Pru Health Insurance but it also caused a healthy conversation between strangers at a bus stop in London!! Can you believe it i watched in awe as these two chav’esq guys politely conversed with a 80 women who wasn’t even clutching her handbag! I also engaged in a bit of par-lay and they agreed to pose for me blog!! Lmao love it ;)

They aint going out like that!

I have to readdress the balance of last post…for those that may have never heard of Jodeci, i dont want you thinking their some waste man doing gigs to fund their crack habits…even though that is what they are…you dont understand they used to be amazing. No sign of the other two lads from the group Dalvin & Devante (swooooon, i touched his thigh at Free Trade Hall!)…the ones who didnt sing but looked so much better! My guess is that they are still getting busy with healthy looking groupies whilst holding down steady marriages! All that is beside the point…The reason we should all be shocked and appaulled by the last post…they used to be amazing and drug free! This my favourite video from them it used to have a teary eyed effect on me….i dunno maybe it was the sand, the leather pants or the fact that they sounded so god dam good!



Drugs = bad, Diary of a mad band = good

Jodeci….what happened?!?

Now i’ve heard the bad things that crack can do to the best of people.  Amy Winehouse bleeding from her satin ballet shoes outside 5 star hotels, Bobby Brown teasing poo out of his wife Whitneys arse, James Brown lifting up a police car?!? Oh no wait that was PCP any hoo, the latest stars to fall between the crack are K-ci & Jojo from Jodeci….ok they have been on crack for a while but this video deserves a little talk up and that was it! So now please watch in awe as this cracked out duo take to the stage for one of their biggest hits….

BRUV, NO……K-Ci your COLD, you just left him there, your brother….even bodyguards more concerned about the mic….god i dunno who to blame more for this shameful display. Crack, the audience for paying them or the promoter for organising the whole swarry and agreeing to crack on the rider!  I just hope and pray they dont get groupies in this state…like i dont even want to that shit can you imagine The Show, The After-Party, The cracked out hotel room orgy?!? Let this be a lesson to all young upstarts out there in the RnB game, Ray J, Llyod im talking to you… Find a wife and find her fast cause eventually the good p***y runs out, you’ll get older and a bit bitter hit the crack pipe and start straight passin out in the middle of your shows…then think of the calibre of p***y you gon get…ewwwwwwwwww!

Saying goodbye.

Today i said goodbye to 2 people very close to me. One i’d known for a while and together we ruled the world. The other i had only just got to know but i feel they would have given me the same amazing experience. The two of them never met but were so alike in teaching me so much about myself, i just wish i could have kept them in my life longer so that in turn they could have discovered the same amazing things about them selves.

Its hard to say goodbye, especially when you feel its not right but sometimes its the only way to move on. Only had to do this once before in my life and it hasn’t got any easier. As a woman the sacrifices i make will continue til i die, their justification is my independence…

I dont care if he’s blind!

Im watching Big Brother, shame i know, even more so that i am being compelled to write about it…admitting that i tune into this foolishness. This year 2 people have wound me up no end and have continued to incense me to violence everytime i watch as they are still in the house.

They are the worst publicity stunt ever, not only that their not nice people and its so obvious why….they are bitter. Bitter about the way society, life, god whoever has done them wrong, so they believe they have a right to say & do what they want.

Mikey is a blind radio presenter/comedian from Scotland. The funniest thing he did was eat a hot chilli.

When he bullied Nicole and Kat to become head of the house i couldnt believe no-one said anything. Sometimes his defiance is so petulant i wait for someone to bend him over their knee and give him a good hiding! However he has never been up for eviction once…

Darnell is a black albino from the USA, he raps and makes up shitty songs. Life has been hard on Darnell he’s the only white person at his family reunions, i think he spent some time in prison for some petty offence provoked by someone calling him ‘Cotton bud’. He hasnt had a girlfriend or sex for quite a while or ever its starting to look like, which is proving very difficult to deal with inside the house esp. seeing as none of the girls want to touch him. Today i am watching him sat in a room full of people calling a girl he blatently fancies a massive slut, and no one is saying anything to him or defending this girl. Not the incident but a demonstration of his lack of social skills…

This isnt an isolated incident and yet when he did come up for eviction the British Public kept him in….they kept a hate filled and visually awful to look at because of it dude in the house over an eye-liner wearing Manc! Shocking bloody shocking, what your too scared to vote out the Albino in case your labelled racist. Cant vote for the Blind guy cause its not fair he can’t see?? Get a grip Britain these aren’t nice people and if they weren’t impaired/disabled or whatever PC phrase you want me to use you and the PC whipped contestants in the house wouldnt hesitate in showing them just how much they suck by voting them out!

Older Guys…

I keep getting told by friends that i need to stop messing around with young guys and get myself an older man. However the problem is i dont fancy any of them…and when i do their always caught up in some mid life crisis or married with children. On the flip side they never approach me, im guessin its cause i act/look too young?

Lights Camera Action – Taken

Movie out this month directed by Luc Besson and starring Liam Neeson as an ex-Goverment Preventor with 96 hours to save his daughter from the eastern european sex trade…..sounds to far fetched…well it just might be. Obvious flaws in the storyline plus some shockingly cheesy script moments weaken the powerful punch of this movie delivered through its gloriously brutal fight scenes and over the top car chases. Famke Janssen (Jean Grey, X-men) is the only believable character in the story having perfected the bitter rich wife role to a ‘T’ in The Whackness…is she being type cast all of a sudden? Release date on this was put back so many times this year as critics believed it was cashing in off the Madeline Mcain abduction, however i think that story was made up to give this film some sort of serious credentials…Good luck with that! This film is ‘Ransom’ meets ‘Man on Fire’ with a thick slice of Segal realism and a terrible influence as im off now to take on the Turkish sex trade operating on Blackstock rd, armed with the essential ipod speakers and the deadliest weapons….my hands!

Im not hating but…

Leona Lewis’s performance on the Olympic closing ceremony was pretty shabby in my humble opinion. Im not denying shes stunning and has the most amazing voice of an angel. Im not saying that she shouldn’t have been singing with the ever amazing Jimmy Paige to represent how Great Britain is…im just thinking out loud that it wouldnt have made any difference if she hadn’t of been there at all. The PA mix on BBC was shockingly quiet and her stage presence equalled ZERO which made the barely audible million dollar performance quite boring to watch. Even emerging from the Transformer London bus atop the 40ft podium couldn’t save her, lucky she had a 50 foot long shiny gown or she would have been barely noticeable! Was it just me that wanted her to head bang when Jimmy did his solo, drop to her knees and worship the guitar before her? Throw that gorgeous mane around with wild child abandonment, maybe a little leg kick and fake air bass? Curl back that pristine pout and squeal with the desire a  ‘Whole lotta love’ deserves?!? Needless to say they’ll be a fantastic mix of this somewhere for you to download soon, but i seen it live baby and it wasn’t as good as it could have been.

Saturday night TV sucks!

Ok im trying to find something to ease me into an early sleep but theres nothing on the TV.  I mean absoloutely nothing….right now im watching James Van Der whatever from Dawsons Creek in a serious film about a Giant Squid?! My other options are more highlights from the Olympics…which i watched all day anyways heavy but overkill, a tribute to Crossroads…hosted by Julian Clary & Fearne Brittain say no more, festival footage from Reading and Leeds (live music is so overated on tv), Sexcetera…im far to horny to watch ugly people be freaky!!

I just want to go sleep with a nice film, interesting doc,  soothing audio…instead im pissed off becase telly is so fucking pants right now. Its Saturday night for god’s sakes, prime TV viewing, no wonder everyone is out binge drinking on the weekends in this country, theres nothing to stay in for  TV SUCKS ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. Heres the piece of poo im watchin disguised as a polished turd of a trailer…

They are now sailing out into the lake to kill the giant squid after it attacked someone on the pier…James has a plan…its so bad….im still watchin, more so cause i cant believe that he wanted to be the lead in this film…Dawsons Creek still gets re-runs right? He must be making change…enough, i would have thought, to say NO to action movies about killer squids. Killer Squids?!?!?! Giant Killer Squids…what the fuck am i watchin…who actually gave this project the green light? The best bit…its classfied as a horror…about a giant killer quid with one eye and its called ‘Eye Of The Beast’



LMAO 12% not even a grade on the higher paper, would have been a D on a normal one *blush*

However only 1 out of the 8 of us that took the GCSE Maths exam actually got a grade aka passed, so im not alone in my stupidity. Plus with only 1 hour revision (even though i lied and said 4) i made double figures i guess age and experience always shines through in the end :)
Watch how it went down on this morning on the breakfast show!

GCSE – Back to the future!

Not to long ago i took part in a GCSE Non Calculator Higher Level Maths Exam for Radio 1. I must admit at the time it all seemed like a bit of fun, i passed my GCSE Maths at the same level back in high school with flying colours, i thought, it would be a walk in the park.

However when the big day finally rolled around and i turned the paper in the ever so proper exam room, things werent as rosy as i remembered.

Now im dreading the results, the humiliation live on air if i actually do badly…knowing if i’d only revised a little harder, took it more seriously…not thinking that i would have remembered everything from so long ago when maths was all i had to remember! Yeah thats my excuse, its not relevant never has been apart from percentages in shop sales…so heck here goes…im gonna be waking up tomorrow morning just like i did all those years ago…butterflies in my stomach, knowing that this could be making or breaking of the first day of the rest of my life….

As it goes its just a little example as to how much my brain has deteriorated with age…results up later!!

Don’t care how i want it NOW!!

 I want this NOW!!

Designer Benjamin Hubert is killing me with this gorgeous botanical Martini glass, the perfect companion to the Bombay Sapphire bottle out of focus! House wifes of the world unite….how could this delicate gin vessel only receive runner up prize in the UK Bombay Sapphire designer glass comp?!? What came first?

Thank you (source)

Im home baby!

Its quiet as hell and no-one seems to be about that i know, theres no where near as many cool places to go as in London but it is cheaper…i kinda feel the same about being home as i do when i watch this video…..


All hail the afro!

All hail the AFro

Still paying homage to the hair that will save the planet…how? No chemicals down the sink hole baby, just all natural xx

Fobbed off!

You know when you go into a shop asking for a size thats not on the shop floor and the shop assistant blatently lies about there being non in the back….mainly cause its 5 mins before she clocks off and she cant be arsed to go even 30′ secs over her precious time?

Well thats what Youtube just did to me, trying to find BB9′s Rachel Rice in an advert she made when she was a kid, something with the line ‘Fairies at the bottom of our garden’. Even after typin all the information in the previous sentence in various ways into the search box i couldn’t find a dam thing on Pootube….however google brought up exactly what i wanted with half the information.

Me thinks someone’s search engine is a bit slack today and after so much effort, the video wasnt even worth it!

All hail the afro….

Afro G

Big, brash and beautiful. Let it flow free and get a whole heap of things stuck in it’s depth. Afro hair will save the planet!

He was a big freak

Betty Davis wasn’t wrong, in fact she was all right. Makes me feel better about everything knowing women like this have lived, so much so im paying homage to Ms Davis all week long, check the next post!

Betty Davis I love You

Isnt it funny when…..

…your strolling round north London with ya flat mate talking about the trials and tribulations of the one man you have in common and you stop randomly at a charity shop to dig through the 3 for £1 vinyl bin and pull out a 12″ featuring the guy in conversation!

3 for £1…Ooo thats got to hurt!

It must feel like a kick in the nuts having your music relegated to a charity shop vinyl bin…not so bad if it came out in the 70′s…i wonder if anyone has bought a track of mine from a charity shop for a bargin price (higher than free, you downloading pirates, lol!)…anyone??

Classic scene – Mikey phone call

So in The Wackness my crush makes some grave first love mistakes on his girls answer machine when she spurns him. Acted so well by Mr Peck it was quite unbearable to watch, you felt so sorry for him, heart broken and having been the nicest of guys, at the same time you just wanted him to shut up and put down the phone cause he sounded like an idiot…it reminded me of this classic scene from Swingers.

STOP CALLING HER BACK!! 6 YEAR RELATIONSHIP? LMAO, WHEN TAPE RUNS OUT…PUT THE PHONE DOWN! Have i ever done this? Dam wait lemme think, definately not on an answer machine…oh gosh maybe i’ve wiped it from my memory…this really feels like something i could have done in the past…maybe thats why i find it so amusing…its nervous laughter!

The Wackness is all good!

 The Wackness out 29th August

Just got back from a screening (at the very rude Soho House) of this film out the end of the month and im in love with Josh Peck. Had a vague idea that this film was about the NYC hip-hop scene in the 90′s due to the poster and an even vague-er press release attached…and was wrong. Had absolutely no idea who Josh Peck was before but rightfully fell in love with his perfect portrayl of Lucas Shapiro, Luke for short, a weed dealer who doesn’t rap unless its along to his walkman. Thats right people we’re talking cassettes, Illamatic, pagers not mobiles, Notorious B.I.G & Tupac being friends, Kurt Cobain killing himself, 40 O’s, the words dope/mad luv, a whole heap of weed and loads more good stuff from the year critics call the greatest in hip-hop…1994, oh and a dam good film.

Superbly written by Jon Levine inspiring amazing performances from Ben Kingsley as the best shrink ever and Josh Peck as my ideal geek, but not so much Method Man, who should have left the Jer-may-can accent at the door. Its got a very nostalgic soundtrack for those in the 18-35 bracket that you cant help but sing along to, this instant cult classic is exactly what i was crying out for in one my previous posts. It might not be an out an out comedy homage to the green but its a beautiful film with marijuana and hip-hop connecting the characters (alongside unsual friendships and life sucking) and i can’t wait to see it again when its released. Theres some absolute classic lines that had us cringing and laughing out loud, a great contrast to the bleaker moments we have to watch these characters deal with. Think American Beauty or Garden State meets Juno or just go and watch it and appreciate the goodness of The Wackness. Sent me on a great trip down memory lane..94 a big year, for me anyways ;)

New Space Invasion coming soon?

Space Invader in Manchester

This guy has been around for 8 years invading cities world wide with his art, based on first generation arcade games. You’ve definately seen one of these if you’ve ever walked round Soho in London, thats where i first found out about him, thanks to romantic strolls with my arty ex! Once I’d noticed one i couldn’t stop and was soon spotting Space Invasions in so many of the major cities i was travelling to around Europe and the world, even my home town has been invaded!

Though Im not that up on my art i feel very connected to his work, in a foreign city seeing his familiar blocks of colour on stone walls, tucked above doors, under signs, greeting me from bridges above motorways is like finding an old friend. If you see me glazed over and smiling holding a camera phone up at a building on a street near you, im probably taking in a Space Invader. Still to this day new ones pop up when ever Im bopping round Manny, he did 42 pieces there alone in total, I’ve clocked 15 or there abouts.

Space Invader goes East!Checking in on his website today I realised it might be time for a new invasion, it seems they come 4 or so months apart. His last post of some amazing pieces in Nepal and India were in April this year, my Spidey Senses are twitching….does this mean end of the month could bring not only a bank holiday but a brand new Space Invasion?!? Ooo i wonder where he’s been for the summer….

Until the new stuff does surface, if there actually is some, which i don’t doubt there is, try Flickrs amazing search engine to see more pictures of the Invasion!

Random shot!

Those that know me are aware of my obession with childrens toy guns, especially those you get on display whilst waiting in line at the post office (to mail my ebay sales not to, erm….anyways). Its rare i get to play with my cheap images of death so i like to document it…no animals were harmed in this shoot, honestly she loved it…sadist!

Lil Mo stick up

Music to eat spiders to…

Are you proud of where you’re from?

Spent a lovely afternoon with Ms Murphy at The Royal Court Theatre courtesy of of her family friend Jackie. Had no idea of what i was going to see, skimmed the website, there was black people in it…thats all we knew (so cultured!). I kind of like that no expectation vibe, not knowing a storyline or anyones career before you see a play/film whatever! I think it helps you concentrate more on the story etc. Of course it can be a hinderence e.g like when Sweeny Todd wasn’t marketed as an out an out Opera…with NO SPEAKING WHAT SO EVER…if i’d of known that theres no way i would have allowed my date to pay £20 each for us to fall asleep in the armchairs at the cinema, even if he could afford it…ehem, i digress!

Gone too far @ The Royal Court Theatre, London

Gone too far shocked the hell out of me. Its initial start seemed more high school than Sloane Square, awful mime, surreal dance sequences and over the top performances. However by the end of the piece i was very aware that this might just have been how the writer wanted me to perceive the story, as i had grown to care about the stereo typical portrayal of misguided youth, more so than i thought i would, a change of perception through art, genius! The mix of dance, cultural references, language, music and all around passion, for me made this production stand out from the crowd of theatre pieces that try to tell the story of inner city pressures and the conflict of identity in Britain but fail miserably.

If you get a chance go and check this out it runs at various venue in the old smoke til the 23rd of August, it’s a very powerful piece acted passionately and with great effect. If your not about in London before the end of the year (right on!), fingers crossed it will go on tour and you can get to see it in a town near you soon. Other wise why dont you just write your own, be inspired and get involved!

Thank you to cast and crew for a dope performance and of course to Jackie & Coco xx